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What To Expect Skydiving

Skydiving at Above the Poconos Skydivers in Northeast PA

Experienced Skydiver

Tandem skydiving lessons will give you a complete view of skydiving and have proven to be the safest, fastest and most exhilarating way to experience the sport. Our safety record for doing tandem skydiving has been 100%. After completion of this skydive you will receive a first jump certificate and information on how to continue your skydiving training to become a licensed solo skydiver.

1. Registration & Preparation

After booking your skydive, you will want to watch the video and fill out the waiver sent to you via email. If you are not able to complete this prior to the day of your jump, please arrive early to complete this step. Upon arrival we will go through the in-person registration process. Then you will receive an introductory skydiving lesson from a highly experienced skydiving instructor that includes intensive ground instruction and practice on the aircraft exit and freefall position. This is the first step to becoming a licensed skydiver.


2. Get Ready for Your Turn 
When your turn arrives, you and your instructor board the aircraft for a flight up to about 2 miles above the earth (approximately 10,000 feet). The door opens and a blast of fresh air hits your face. As your mouth gets drier and drier, you wait for the command, and then you are out into freefall accelerating to a speed of approximately 125 miles per hour. You don't sense the speed because there are no objects close enough for you to judge your speed; you feel the ultimate freedom -- the freedom of flight.


3. Pull the Ripcord!
Half a minute later at a mile above the ground, the ripcord is pulled and out blossoms a gigantic multicolored square parachute built for two. The excitement is now replaced with the quiet serenity of the canopy ride which will take over 5 minutes and gives you a beautiful view of the Pocono Mountains.

4. A Soft Landing

You'll take the control lines and practice landing the parachute while you're still almost a mile above the ground. Then, with the instructor's assistance you'll steer the parachute and bring the parachute into the landing zone for a very soft, possibly stand-up landing.

  • Basic Tandem Skydiving (What's Included)
    For first time skydivers or those working towards their license, train and Skydive the Same Day. An Introductory Tandem Skydive includes introductory training, all equipment, one way plane ride, and one tandem training skydive.
  • How much does a standard tandem skydive cost?
    Tandem skydive jumps start at $279 per jumper. Use the booking feature to schedule your next jump. View our full pricing page for group rates and specials!
  • What to wear & what to bring for your jump
    Wear SNEAKERS and dress comfortably. In cooler months add a sweatshirt, thermal underwear and either a turtleneck or neck gator. Glasses - You may wear your glasses or contacts, if you need them for your vision. If you have a choice, wear your contacts. If you only wear glasses, we have goggles to go over your eye glasses. Bring - Good skydiving weather; your driver's license; something to do from when your introductory tandem skydiving lesson is done, until it is your turn to skydive. Spectators and cameras are welcome on the ground. No No's - NO boots, NO sleeveless shirts, NO jewelry that you mind losing, NO unsupervised children or pets, NO alcoholic beverages prior to jumping. Motion Sickness - is not common. Staying hydrated and fed help prevent it. Just in case, we have anti-nausea ginger gum available for purchase on site. It helps with both nausea and equalizing your ears. Take a piece with you for the ride to altitude and enjoy the experience fully!
  • Is there an age requirement to jump?
    Yes, you must be 18 years or older to skydive. But remember, you are never too old to jump, so check this off your bucket list or come out to start a lifetime of fun!
  • Is there a weight limit?
    220 Pounds is the limit for all individuals jumping with us. This does not include the instructor for tandem jumps.
  • What is the best way to schedule a jump?
    Use the booking link to find the best day and time to schedule your next jump! If you have additional questions use the contact form at the bottom of the homepage or give us a call.
  • How much does purchasing video of my jump cost?
    Capturing your skydiving experience is the best way to relive your experience and share it with others. You can add a video and pictures of your jump for $125.
  • Can I wear my own GoPro / Camera instead of purchasing a video pacakge?
    Unfortunately by law, we cannot allow you to. The United States Parachute Association has standard safety regulations that do not allow any jumpers with under 200 jumps to wear POV cameras; you are not permitted to bring a camera/GoPro on your jump with us or any other reputable skydive center.
  • Will I get sick or throw up?
    Most likely no... but it definitely can happen, we have seen it. We suggest to not overeat or eat food that could upset your system within a few hours of your jump. We also recommend you stay hydrated.
  • Can I wear glasses or contacts?
    Yes. We supply goggles that fit over your glasses and help keep contacts in place.
  • Does the weather matter or change my booked jump?
    Yes. Skydiving is definitely dependent on the weather therefore there is no guarantee of jumping on your scheduled date. If the weather is bad, we will do our best to call you in a timely manner to reschedule your reservation. We do not charge a rescheduling fee.
  • How long does it take to skydive from start to finish?
    The process from start (registration and instruction) to finish (successful landing and equipment removal) can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours so bring a cooler and a camp chair. You are welcome to watch the parachutes being packed as well as the other skydivers landing.
  • Do I have to do a tandem jump for my first time?
    Yes. In order to qualify to jump without an instructor (tandem) you must complete our First Jump School to become a licensed jumper.
  • Becoming a Licensed Skydiver - First Jump School
    You will start with an Introductory Tandem Skydiving experience. The next step concentrates on the basics of solo skydiving and controlling the parachute. That is followed by one-on-one freefall skydiving instruction while still polishing canopy control skills under close supervision, this combines the best of all of the skydiving training methods available and gives you more skydives for your money compared to other skydiving training programs. No hidden costs such as equipment rental. Book Here!
  • Experienced / Licensed Jumpers
    We welcome experienced licensed jumpers to join us anytime! We have two options for you - Hop and Pop jumps - $20.00 Full attitude jumps - $30.00 Learn more here »
  • Alcohol & Drugs
    No alcohol or drugs are allowed in your system on the day of your jump.

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We welcome first time jumpers as well as trained skydive experts with packages starting as low as $279 - book your next adventure today!

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