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Licensed Skydivers

For Licensed Experienced Skydivers in Northeast PA

Licensed skydivers are always welcome at Above the Poconos Skydivers! Whether you are coming to jump at 10,000 ft. or our "hop and pop" option is your preference, we encourage you to check us out if you are located in the northeast Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York areas. Read the below for more on the check-in process and how to stay current with your skydive license through our center.

So bring your skydive gear and call or email us with any questions you have!

Our Skydiving Pricing for Licensed Jumpers:

  • Hop and Pop jumps - $20

  • Full attitude jumps - $30


Rental Gear -

Don't have your own gear? If you need gear, we have plenty of rental gear available!


Step 1

Have your logbook, reserve card, USPA membership, photo Id and DZ waiver.

Step 2

Add Above the Poconos Skydivers as a DZ in your burble app.

Step 3

We will have an instructor go over our Drop Zone Briefing with you!

Step 4

Get out there and jump!

Don’t have a burble? Create an account here:


To keep your skydive license current you must complete a jump within the timeframes below:

  • A LICENSE every 60 Days

  • B LICENSE every 90 DAYS

  • C-D LICENSE every 180 DAYS

If you have fallen outside these ranges you must complete a recurrency jump with one of our instructors. Call or email us for more details!

Above the Poconos Skydivers Logo

5159 Old Airport Rd,
Hazle Township, PA 18202

Questions? 888-654-7529

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