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The History of Above the Poconos Skydivers

The Northeast Pennsylvania premiere skydive center, Above the Poconos Skydivers, has been serving the New York, NJ and Pennsylvania skydiving community since 1961 making us THE oldest continuously running, USPA member skydiving center in the World. The skydiving center was owned by the late Don Kellner until recently. Don holds the Guinness World Record for the most sport parachute jumps. Darlene Kellner made her first jump in 1982, was married to Don in the sky in 1990, and worked by his side throughout. Darlene is the current owner of the skydive center and carries on the rich traditions she and Don helped establish. Our areas of expertise include skydiving lessons, exhibition skydiving, freefall photography, and government certified parachute rigging. Our center continues to be on the forefront of skydiving instruction and our main skydiving instructors maintain some of the most experience and top certifications in the community.

Don Kellner 10000 Skydives
Don Kellner
Darlene Kellner

Skydiving Safety and Standards

Skydiving Safety

Safety is our top priority and our record shows it. We have maintained a 100% tandem skydiving safety record since we started our tandem skydiving lessons in 1984. No other New York, NJ or Pennsylvania skydiving school can boast of this. This does not mean that you can't get hurt, but we will not sacrifice safety to look cool. All of our staff are appropriately licensed and certified through the United States Parachute Association and we hold them to higher standards than the USPA requires. Our jump aircraft, Super Cessna 185 and a Super Cessna 210/5, are meticulously maintained and are recognized as the some of the safest in the industry. We have a mile long, easy to spot and obstacle free landing zone.

Stunning Poconos Views from the Sky

Our Pennsylvania Skydiving Center is located in the foothills of the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The views from altitude are breathtaking, and are an easy drive from New York and NJ straight out Interstate 80. Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and come for a Pennsylvania skydiving adventure weekend getaway. Each customer is assured personalized attention and maximum enjoyment, because we refuse to overbook confirmed reservations. Many of our skydiving instructors work for a living at normal jobs, so just like you, they are looking forward to skydiving rather than it being work. They enjoy sharing the thrill of the sport with you.

Darlene Above The Poconos Skydivers

Our Hours, Mission, and Vision to Serve You

Our Mission is to create an atmosphere where each skydiver can safely practice the art of skydiving so as to achieve personal growth, satisfaction, and skill progression, while enjoying the fellowship of the fraternity of skydivers.  We do this by being inclusive rather than exclusive; our equipment, facilities, instructional staff, videographers, riggers, packers, pilots and managers are world-class.  We recognize and value the importance of each jumper, where each person is responsible for him/her self AND everyone else in the air and on the drop zone.
Our Vision Is to be a World Class Skydiving Center where each participant is welcome and practices the art of skydiving safely, to achieve the maximum personal satisfaction and skill progression with state of the art equipment and facilities and the attention of a caring, dedicated, professional staff.  

Hours - Skydive Center (May - October)*
Friday afternoon - by appointment

Saturday & Sunday - 9 am 7pm (or until Sunset)

*Weather and winds are always a factor. If you have questions whether or not we will be open please call/text/email

Book Your Next Jump!

We welcome first time jumpers as well as trained skydive experts with packages starting as low as $279 - book your next adventure today!

Above the Poconos Skydivers Logo

5159 Old Airport Rd,
Hazle Township, PA 18202

Questions? 888-654-7529

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