Tandem Skydiving Lessons. Train and skydive the same day with the Above the Poconos Skydivers.

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Photo by: Frank D'Andrea
Skydiving lesson and skydive the same day
So You Want to go Skydiving?

Well, you've come to the right place! The Above the Poconos Skydivers is the oldest, continuously running, USPA member skydiving center in the World and is run by the Most Experienced Skydiver in the World, Don Kellner, as verified by the Guinness Book of World Records! We have been serving Northeast Pennsylvania's skydiving needs since 1961 and have been tandem skydiving since it was invented in the early 80's. If you...

pennsylvania skydiving ball are at least 18 years of age
pennsylvania skydiving ball there is no maximum age if your health allows - check out our skydiving octogenarians (80 yr olds)
pennsylvania skydiving ball are less than 220 pounds fully clothed
pennsylvania skydiving ball and have the desire to leave the confines of a perfectly good airplane...
Then come down to the airport and make a tandem skydive with us!

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First Skydive Prices



First Skydive Discounts off the regular price (one discount per person)
    Pay the balance with CASH on the day of the skydive $14 off
    Students or Military with current valid I.D.$10 off
    Early Bird Special - 9am class (limited spaces) $10 off
    Group Rate* - 20 or more people
(this per person discount requires reservation w/deposits in at least 7 days prior)
$20 off
Only ONE discount per person

pennsylvania skydiving ball  All training jumps include everything that you need to make a skydive INCLUDING EQUIPMENT!!!!
pennsylvania skydiving ball  CASH and credit cards are accepted on the day of the skydive.
pennsylvania skydiving ball  PayPal, Credit Cards and Checks (if received two weeks prior) 
or Money Orders are accepted for reservation deposits.
pennsylvania skydiving ball  Checks are never accepted on the day of the skydive.

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Skydiving Photography
Capture the excitement of your skydive on your own personal skydiving video!
Capture your skydive on DVD!!
Due to the nature of freefall, over 120 mph wind speeds and short time frames, freefall photography is NOT guaranteed to be successful.
If a portion of the photography does not work, you will be given a refund for that portion.
Blu-ray Video disc and still picture CD
a 1080p High Definition skydiving Movie on Blu-ray disc* along with a disc of digital still picture
(*Must play in Blu-ray player, does not work in a DVD player.)

plus tax

Capture your tandem skydive on video!Prices are per person because your personal freefall photographer skydives right along side of you.
DVD and Digital Still Pictures
a DVD Movie of your skydive
along with a disc of digital still pictures ready for e-mail or printing.

plus tax
DVD Only
a digitally mastered DVD Movie of your skydive
plus tax
Digital Still Pictures
take home a disc of digital pictures ready for e-mail or printing.

plus tax

NewFacebook/Youtube ready
Stills and/or video upgrade onto USB drive
on a 4.0 gb USB drive instead of Disc (.jpg & .wmv). Must have purchased the stills, DVD or both in order to choose this upgrade.

plus tax

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Skydiving Reservations

Three Easy Ways To Make a Reservation:

Call 1-888-654-7529 (PLAY) (7529) from 9am - 9pm with a Visa or Mastercard.

Make your reservation online now using PayPal, make sure to include your name(s), date, and class time in the message section.
We will e-mail you a confirmation.

or Mail the skydiving reservation sheet in along with payment.

Decide spur of the moment that you want to skydive? Call and see if we have any space available. If we do, we will fit you in.

Why should I make a Reservation with a $60 non-refundable deposit per person?
We take people with deposits first and the remainder AFTER the people with deposits have skydived, as time permits.

Group discounts require a reservation with a deposit, in at least 7 days prior. The group organizer should have the group members place a deposit, rather than just fronting the money, because if any group members no show, the deposit is NOT refunded! Group organizers are responsible for making sure that everyone in the group is aware of our weather policy and the fact that the deposit is non-refundable.

We limit our bookings to ensure a skydive, weather permitting, for each person who has sent a $60 deposit. We will actually turn people away once we have filled the time slots with deposits, this is the reason that the deposit is non-refundable.

If, for some personal reason, you need to reschedule your skydive, it may be done with 7 days prior notice at no charge.

Deposits rescheduled due to personal reasons with less than 7 days notice will incur a $20 per person rescheduling fee.

The deposit counts towards the price of the skydive and the cash discount is based upon how you pay the balance on the day of the skydive: cash or credit card.

Weather - If we determine that the weather does not permit you to skydive on the day that you are scheduled, your deposit may be rescheduled for up to one year at no extra charge. On the day of the jump please call us at 1-888-654-7529 (PLAY) right before you leave, identify yourself and ask if the weather is jumpable for tandem skydives. We try not to have you drive out if the weather does not permit a skydive, but weather forecasting is a less than perfect science, so you must be patient.

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When do we skydive?

We skydive weekends year round, weather permitting.

Introductory Tandem Skydiving Training Class Times:
Call 1-888-654-7529 (8 am - 8 pm, 7 days a week) to make your skydiving lesson appointment.
Summer & Fall (May through October)
Skydiving Lessons are available by appointment on:

Thursday and Friday late afternoon.
Saturday and Sunday at 9am, 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, or 3pm

Winter (November - April) Skydiving Lessons are available by appointment at:
11am and Noon weekends only when temperatures and runway conditions permit.

On the day of your skydive - Call us at 1-888-654-7529 (PLAY) right before you leave, identify yourself, ask if the weather is good enough for a tandem skydive and let us know you are on your way. Plan to arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow for traffic and your restroom needs when you arrive. (There are public restrooms in the brick terminal building, as you pull into the parking lot.)

Please understand the appointment you have made is for a class time. It takes about an hour to get through the paperwork, ground instruction and suiting up prior to being ready to board the aircraft. We schedule up to five reservations per hour, so bring things to do while you are waiting for your turn to skydive. Between your classroom training, other students, weather, aircraft and instructor availability, you MUST BE PREPARED TO SPEND AT LEAST FOUR HOURS WITH US!! If you were the only one in a class, it could be as little as two hours. If weather does not cooperate IT COULD BE MORE than four hours.

Come prepared for a picnic atmosphere. Lawn chairs, frisbees, and hackysacks are all welcome. We do have an outdoor picnic/spectator area and a grass area to play on.

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What to Wear, What to Bring

Wear SNEAKERS, long pants, and a t-shirt.      In cooler months add a sweatshirt, thermal underwear and either a turtleneck or neck gator.

Glasses -You may wear your glasses or contacts, if you need them for your vision. If you have a choice, wear your contacts.
If you only wear glasses, we have goggles to go over your eye glasses.

Bring - Good skydiving weather; your driver's license; something to do from when your introductory tandem skydiving lesson is done, until it is your turn to skydive. Spectators and cameras are welcome on the ground.

No No's - NO boots, NO sleeveless shirts, NO jewelry that you mind losing, NO unsupervised children or pets, NO alcoholic beverages prior to jumping.

Motion Sickness - is not common. Staying hydrated and fed help prevent it. Just in case, we have anti-nausea ginger gum on sale on site. It helps with both nausea and equalizing your ears. Take these measures to make sure you have maximum enjoyment.

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Why Go Skydiving? - To Live Life to the Fullest!

People who skydive want to experience all that life has to offer! Here is a description of what to expect when you come out for your first jump. Upon arrival, you will fill out a registration form, medical statement, and agreement and release of liability after watching an accompanying video. Then you will receive an introductory skydiving lesson from a highly experienced skydiving instructor that includes intensive ground instruction and practice on the aircraft exit and freefall position. This is the first step to becoming a licensed skydiver.

When your turn arrives, you and your instructor board the aircraft for a flight up to about 2 miles above the earth (approximately 10,000 feet). The door opens and a blast of fresh air hits your face. As your mouth gets drier and drier, you wait for the command, and then you are out into freefall accelerating to a speed of approximately 125 miles per hour. You don't sense the speed because there are no objects close enough for you to judge your speed; you feel the ultimate freedom -- the freedom of flight.

Half a minute later at a mile above the ground, the ripcord is pulled and out blossoms a gigantic multicolored square parachute built for two. The excitement is now replaced with the quiet serenity of the canopy ride which will take over 5 minutes and gives you a beautiful view of the Pocono Mountains.

You'll take the control lines and practice landing the parachute while you're still almost a mile above the ground. Then, with the instructor's assistance you'll steer the parachute and bring the parachute into the landing zone for a very soft, possibly stand-up landing.

Tandem skydiving lessons give you a complete view of skydiving and have proven to be the safest, fastest and most exhilarating way to experience the sport. Our safety record for doing tandem skydiving has been 100%. After completion of this skydive you will receive a first jump certificate and information on how to continue your skydiving training to become a licensed solo skydiver.

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Request for More Information

If you have any further questions, you can:

philadelphia skydiving ballcall us at 1-888-654-7529

philadelphia skydiving ballE-mail us at pa skydiving email

philadelphia skydiving ballCome see us using our directions or use:
Google Maps
philadelphia skydiving ballFly your airplane to KHZL
philadelphia skydiving ballor use "Hazleton Municipal Airport
if you insist on using Mapquest.
philadelphia skydiving ballUse your GPS:
type in
Hazleton Municipal Airport
philadelphia skydiving ballPhysical airport address:
Hazleton Municipal Airport
200 Old Airport Road
Hazleton, PA 18202
philadelphia skydiving ballTake the Trailways Bus
to Hazleton, PA
and then a
cab to the Airport.
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